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9/11 Dust in the News Updates

Cate Jenkins, EPA whistle blower fired for speaking out about 9/11 dust-- was found not guilty of false charge of making death threat

On 3/1/18, the US Department of Labor (DOL) Administrative Review Board (ARB) issued a final decision in the whistleblower case of Dr. Cate Jenkins v. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This ARB decision affirmed the 4/15/15 recommended decision by a DOL Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), which found that EPA fired Jenkins because of her whistleblowing regarding toxic dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11/01.  Read more here.
9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey

This is the followup to 2006 film “9/11 Dust and Deceit” about the health effects from toxic dust of 9/11. The film seeks to show solutions and asks how those affected can heal from 9/11. The premier was three days in NYC as part of the "Pause || Press Play: Art Film and Spoken Word Collaborative."

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9/11 Dust and Deceit

This disturbing film by Penny Little “911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC”  exposes the environmental disaster of 9/11 through interviews with scientists, waste management specialists, government workers, volunteers, first responders,the heros and victims of the dust which permeated the air after 911.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Administrator Christine Todd Whitman announced to New Yorkers, shortly after the 911 attacks on the World Trade Towers that “. .I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington DC that their air safe to breathe” and that we “. . .need not be concerned about environmental issues as [we] return to [our] homes and workplaces” At that time, she didn't have the information to support those assurances or make recommendations. The White House itself, through its Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), actually manipulated the statements being released by the EPA so as to soft-pedal health concerns.

Because of these misleading statements, and because the EPA bucked its legal responsibility and left the problem to the City, the public was put at risk.   This is true even though the EPA reversed course in May of 2002 and initiated an extremely limited and flawed voluntary cleanup.  There is evidence of a coverup, and a media blackout.  Thousands of people are ill., many have died.

Jon Stewart has Sanjay Gupta on his show talking about correlation of Cancer and 9/11 and how the Zagroda Bill does not cover it.


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