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at the WTC - a f ilm by Penny Little  

911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC

The impact of the environmental disaster after 911 will continue for years. The health of those who were exposed to the toxic dust and told that the "Air was safe to breathe" and the continuing coverup of the problems has not been adequately reported in the mainstream media. Those who were most affected are often the least able to get the help they need.


9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey

In the followup film "9/11 Dust: A Healing Journey" fimmaker Penny Little sought to show solutions, and asks how those directedly affected by WTC related illness, and all of us still grieving, can heal from 9/11.


In 911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC, Lttle interviews numerous experts, victims, and ground zero workers.

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DR. CATE JENKINS, PhD, a 22-year specialist with the EPA's Hazardous Waste Identification Division and the author of a 432-page memo to the EPA's Inspector General as background documentation for the recently released IG report.image 2

DR. MARJORIE CLARKE, environmental scientist , former investivator for EPA, expert in waste management. Co-authored the paper "The Gold Standard "

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JOEL KUPFERMAN, New York Environmental Law & Justice Project.

Lawyer involved in advocacy for victims. See current lawsuits.